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Multiple such trees and plants exist in Ayurveda, but few know their advantages. For example, ayurvedic medicine

Multiple such trees and plants exist in Ayurveda, but few know their advantages. For example, ayurvedic medicine in India has long employed a plant known as Kalmegh, which has many comparable medicinal characteristics. In addition to treating general fever and improving immunity, kalmegh treats stomach gas, worms, constipation, liver issues, and other conditions. Today, we’ll explain what Kalmegh is through this article. What are its benefits, applications, and drawbacks?

Medicinal Properties Of Kalmegh (Green Chiretta)

Kalmegh is a medicinal plant found in Bengal, including North India. Its taste is very bitter. This herb has been used medicinally since the time of my grandmother. It is scientifically called Andrographis paniculata. Whereas in the indigenous language, it is called Chirayata. And bitter and full of medicinal properties, Kalmegh is known as the ‘King of Bitter’. It contains an alkaline element, andrographolide, a panacea for many diseases.

Benefits Of Kalmegh (Green Chiretta Ke Fayde)

When it comes to the health advantages of Kalmegh, Patharchatta possesses a wide range of therapeutic qualities, such as:

  1. One of the most beneficial herbs for treating diabetes is kalmegh.
  2. In addition, many places employ kalmegh to cleanse the blood and guard against seasonal illnesses.
  3. The anti-clotting qualities of the Kalmegh plant contribute to maintaining the regular flow of blood. This lowers the chance of experiencing a heart attack. In addition, the Kalmegh plant is good at preventing clotting.
  4. Consuming Kalmegh also helps to improve the immune system. Additionally, Kalmegh maintains a balance in the liver’s bile control.
  5. Additionally, Kalmegh is particularly efficient in treating chronic fever, recurring fever, malaria, typhoid, etc.
  6. Due to this plant’s anti-clotting capabilities, the regular flow of blood is preserved.
  7. Kalmegh has been demonstrated to be quite successful in treating the issue of insomnia. Its juice can be consumed to solve the sleeplessness issue.
  8. Consuming Kalmegh also eliminates the issue of constipation. In addition, its powder can be boiled with gooseberry and liquorice to create a decoction.

Uses Of Kalmegh (Green Chiretta)

The following methods of Kalmegh consumption are listed:

  1. Kalmegh, which has a bitter flavour, is taken as pills, capsules, and syrup.
  2. Kalmegh powder can be ingested with water.
  3. Making a paste of its leaves will help to heal the wound.
  4. Juice made from Kalmegh leaves can be drunk.

Side Effects Of Kalmegh (Green Chiretta)

There are drawbacks to ingesting Kalmegh in addition to its benefits. In general, it is safe to eat kalmegh. However, consuming it in more substantial quantities than average has subsequent defects:

  1. First, allergies can be brought on by excessive intake.
  2. Second, Kalmegh consumption can make you queasy.
  3. Finally, problems like vomiting and flatulence might result from excessive drinking.
  4. Having cardiac issues
  5. Its excessive ingestion lowers blood pressure and sugar levels.
  6. There may be a medication that reacts with kalmegh.
  7. It is advisable to stay away from Kalmegh churna consumption if you are nursing while pregnant.

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