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The modern way of living has several health-related issues. Poor eating habits, little exercise, late nights, prolonged

The modern way of living has several health-related issues. Poor eating habits, little exercise, late nights, prolonged periods of inactivity, prolonged periods, and late nights of sleep are all wrong for our bodies. Many forms of severe ailments are treated in Ayurveda using the bark and extract of adjacent trees and plants. Today, we’ll inform you about a tree whose advantages are unknown. We are discussing the Saraca Asoca in-depth with you in this article today (Ashoka Tree).

Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree) Is A Magic Medicine

The Ashoka Tree, also known as Saraca Asoca, is revered in Ayurveda as a cure-all. This is because the Ashoka tree’s bark, leaves, root, or blooms can all be utilised medicinally. The South, Central, and East Himalayas of India are home to this tree. Hindus and Buddhists place a high value on this tree, and some people even think that Gautam Buddha was born beneath the Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree). In several nations, such as India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, the Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree) is significantly revered. The maximum use of this tree is to remove the diseases of women. It mainly benefits gynaecological diseases, bleeding disorders, and urinary infections. The bark of Ashoka is astringent, dry, and cold. The leaves of Ashoka are long, which people also call “copper leaf.”

Benefits Of Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree)

The use of this herb removes many health problems and symptoms. If we talk about the benefits of Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree), then many medicinal properties are found in Patharchatta, which include-

  1. To relieve cramps and stomach pain, use it as a powder or capsule twice a day after meals. The bark purifies the blood of the Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree), which also gives women’s skin a healthy glow. Oily and lifeless skin can be removed by applying the bark of the Ashoka tree on the skin.
  2. It lessens excruciating cramping and menstrual discomfort. Moreover, since it soothes the agitated Vata, it also helps to relieve menstrual cramps and stomach pain.
  3. The leaves of the Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree) are a rich source of hypoglycemic characteristics. It greatly aids in lowering the blood sugar level when ingested. As a result, the body’s ability to produce insulin works better.
  4. Speaking of the Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree) leaves and bark, it contains numerous unique Ayurvedic characteristics that can aid in averting serious issues like diarrhoea.
  5. Flavonoids, tannins, and analgesics, which are crucial for bones, are found in the Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree) bark and have medicinal qualities.

Use Of Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree)

Ways to consume Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree) include:

  1. Grind the bark of the Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree) and drink it with lukewarm water.
  2. Boil the leaves of the Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree) in water first, then consume them when they have cooled.
  3. Apply a paste from this tree’s ground leaves or bark on the skin

Side Effects Of Saraca Asoca (Ashoka Tree)

Along with the advantages of consuming Ashoka, disadvantages are also included. Ashoka is generally considered safe to drink. However, the following side effects are present due to consuming it in more than regular quantity-

  1. Its ingestion may worsen the problem if there is no menstruation.
  2. Women who are pregnant shouldn’t consume it.
  3. If you have high blood pressure, only take this medication after talking to your doctor.

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