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Khadira is an Ayurvedic herb successfully used to treat RA and osteoarthritis. It is rich in essential bioactive

Khadira is an Ayurvedic herb successfully used to treat RA and osteoarthritis. It is rich in essential bioactive chemicals and antioxidants. In addition, Khadir’s anti-inflammatory properties help lower inflammation and ease inflammatory bowel illnesses, arthritis, and asthma. Evidence suggests that khadira seed extract is used to lessen rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and stop osteoarthritis cartilage deterioration by blocking pro-inflammatory pathways. In addition, regular use of this supplement slows the course of osteoarthritis and aids in restoring bone and muscle range of motion: Neelam Ali, Dietician at NIIMS hospital, shares khadira’s uses, effects and benefits.

Health Benefits Of Khadira

  1. Treatment for diarrhoea:Inflamed Vata dosha causes loose, watery bowel movements or diarrhoea. Khadir’s antidiarrheal qualities are helpful in the treatment of diarrhoea. Khadir, abundant in chemical components, lowers intestinal muscle spasms and lessens the frequency of loose stools. In addition, due to its astringent qualities, consuming khadira powder controls the body’s water loss and thickens stools. To treat diarrhoea, use 1-2 mg of khadira powder and ingest it with lukewarm water after eating.
  2. Treatment for bleeding disorders: Khadira is a powerful plant that helps blood clot and regulates bleeding conditions like bleeding gums, piles, and other skin injuries. Due to this herb’s strong astringent and cooling characteristics, using it orally helps to reduce bleeding. In addition, khadir decoction can halt bleeding and hasten the healing process.
  3. Heals haemorrhoids: Poor dietary practices and a sedentary lifestyle, which result in an imbalance of all three doshas, particularly vata, are the leading causes of haemorrhoids. Finally, this results in poor digestive fire, which causes constipation, oedema, and inflammation in the rectum and piles. When taken orally, khadira powder helps to stop bleeding, while decoction can be administered topically to lessen swelling and irritation brought on by piles.
  4. Detoxifier: Khadira formulation can effectively detoxify the body’s impurities. The antioxidant and astringent qualities assist in calming down pitta imbalances in the body. Consuming this herbal churna supports liver health and helps treat liver issues.

Khadira’s Recommended Dosage

Depending on the patient’s age, effects on appetite, severity, and condition, the appropriate therapeutic dosage of khadira may change from person to person. Therefore, it is highly advised to speak with an Ayurvedic professional who can assess the patient’s symptoms and previous health issues before prescribing an appropriate dose for a set amount of time.

  • 2-3 mg of churna or powder, twice daily, with lukewarm milk after meals or as prescribed by a physician.
  • Capsule: Take one pill twice daily or as prescribed by a doctor.
  • Tablet 1 tablet, twice daily, or as a doctor prescribes.

Side Effects Of Khadira

People with chronic health issues or those using medications for other medical ailments should avoid consuming this herb because most herbal formulations contain active components that could interact with medicines. Even if there is no information on the safety of khadir plants when pregnant or nursing, it is advised to talk with a physician before using this herb. Also, stay away from this herb if you are having surgery.

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