WhatsApp rolling out new changes in Chat Filters

WhatsApp recently unveiled chat filters to help users easily organise their conversation and now the Meta-owned app is introducing some changes in this feature.

Chats on WhatsApp were split into All, Unread and Groups. People can find chats of their favourite contacts easier and faster, with the help of this feature. Moreover, one can easily check all messages received in various groups, by having a separate filter for groups.

There are certain changes on this feature as WhatsApp is working to give users more control over managing device storage.

The app will let users filter their conversation list especially for storage management purposes, building upon the earlier introduction of chat filtering functions, according to WABetaInfo.

A display of the WhatsApp Chat Filters. — WhatsApp
A display of the WhatsApp Chat Filters. — WhatsApp

To filter conversations or channels within the storage management section, the option is being introduced by this WhatsApp update.

Thus, users will be able to focus on specific types of content. They can easily identify which content is occupying the most storage space on their devices by separating conversations and channels. This will facilitate enhanced cleanup processes and storage optimisation.

WhatsApp empowers users to differentiate between various types of content with the new filtering mechanism. As a result, it will reduce the risk of accidental deletion or mismanagement of important data.

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