WhatsApp creates issues for Android users

WhatsApp users have complained that they are facing issues while sending videos on their Android mobile phones.

The same kind of problems were faced by people at 9To5Google on Galaxy S series phones, according to Sam Mobile.

This error appears after processing the whole video which makes it more annoying. It means that users spend more time and still are unable to send videos.

However, while sending photos or other file types, this issue doesn’t appear. It seems that videos shot or downloaded locally are facing this issue.

Moreover, not all Android smartphones are going through this issue. 

Downgrading to an older version of WhatsApp has been described as a temporary solution for this and testing has also revealed that the issue doesn’t appear on it after trying this out.

Billions of people depend on WhatsApp for their daily conversations, as a result, even a minor issue creates a wider disturbance.

Prior to this, WhatsApp, which was previously known for its blue theme, now updated its display colour to green, an action that has made its users have contradicting opinions.

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