ndian Valerian, " referred to as Tagar, is a plant that occupies a significant position in Ayurvedic medicine because

Indian Valerian, ” referred to as Tagar, is a plant that occupies a significant position in Ayurvedic medicine because of its healing capabilities. This plant is used mainly to treat nerve disorders. Ms Malasa Gujjar, Consulting Psychologist at Jindal Naturecure Institute,shares Tagar’s benefits, uses and effects.

Tagar: Sleep Aid

Tagar is a well-liked option for people looking for relaxation and better sleep because of its well-known relaxing and soothing properties. Modern studies have confirmed Tagar’s historical use as a sleep aid, demonstrating that it can improve sleep by encouraging relaxation and shortening the time it takes to fall asleep. Tagar is known for its capacity to reduce anxiety, tension, and sadness and for its sleep-inducing qualities. It is thought to have anxiolytic properties that assist in lessening pressure and stress. Tagar encourages relaxation and elevates mood.

Tagar For Mental Health

Tagar has historically been used to treat neurological diseases, including epilepsy, and its sleep and mental health benefits. The herb is thought to have anticonvulsant qualities that can lessen the frequency and intensity of seizures. The use of Tagar as a supplementary therapy should always be carried out with the advice of a healthcare provider, as epilepsy is a severe medical disease.

Antispasmodic Effects Of Tagar

Tagar’s ability to ease menstrual cramps and other accompanying discomfort is another remarkable effect. It is thought to have antispasmodic effects that can ease uterine muscle tension and lessen cramping. Because of this, it is a helpful herb for women looking for all-natural treatments for menstruation pain.

Benefits Of Tagar

Although Tagar has several advantages, it is vital to use caution and follow some safety precautions when using this herb. Finally, before introducing Tagar into your routine, speaking with a healthcare provider is always advised, especially if taking drugs.

Side Effects Of Tagar

Like any herbal medicine, Tagar may have adverse effects. Dizziness, drowsiness, and weariness are the most commonly reported adverse effects when using Tagar, and some people may have stomach pain or constipation. Finally, although uncommon, allergic reactions to the herb have been observed in a few instances.


Indian Valerian is also known for its relaxing and soothing qualities. It has the potential to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and stress, and address neurological and menstrual issues. However, it is critical to utilise it with prudence, particularly during pregnancy and while operating machinery. Consultation with a healthcare practitioner is required to ensure it is used safely and appropriately. Nevertheless, when used carefully, Tagar can be a great herbal ally in fostering relaxation and well-being.

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