Google’s Android 15 to have new screen magnification gesture

Google has introduced a new key feature in its Android 15’s screens which makes zooming easier.

In an attempt to make phones more user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of people, Google has developed several accessibility tools such as the Android accessibility suite, which offers tools such as a screen reader tool, additional navigation options, text and display scaling, colour correction, and screen magnification, Android Authority reported.

Screen magnification can currently be activated in three different ways, and a fourth option is being added in the upcoming Android 15 update.

In the fourth activation method which is being developed, users will be able to zoom in by quickly tapping the screen two times with two fingers.

This new “two-finger double-tap screen” magnification shortcut isn’t visible yet in the latest Android 15 Beta 1.2 release.

In addition to this new feature, Google Photos is also experimenting with new features such as a “show less” function that will let users to “hide specific faces” from the platform’s automatically generated memories without having to remove their pictures from the photo library.

A new settings flow will also be created to accommodate the change.

According to reports, the future Google Photos update will also have a new one-tap video enhancement feature.

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