Cardamom (Elaichi)

Our spices and herbs that are beneficial are found in our kitchen. We all use cardamom to bring

Our spices and herbs that are beneficial are found in our kitchen. We all use cardamom to bring an excellent aroma to any dish of food or drink. It is also commonly used as an Ayurvedic herb to treat several health problems. The properties of cardamom are very effective in treating cold-cough, digestive issues, vomiting, urinary problems, etc. This article will explain cardamom’s advantages, disadvantages, and side effects.

Medicinal Properties Of Cardamom

People can also take cardamom as a supplement to supplement its health benefits. If you look at the elements found in cardamom, carbohydrates, dietary fibre, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus are mainly found in it, which are considered very beneficial for a healthy body. Their many types of cardamom are:

  1. Small cardamom
  2. Big cardamom
  3. Green cardamom
  4. Black cardamom
  5. Brown cardamom
  6. Red cardamom

ardamom Uses And Benefits

If we talk about the benefits of eating cardamom, then many medicinal properties are found in cardamom, which includes:

  1. Cardamom consumption gives you relief from the problem of sexual dysfunction or infertility. Boil cardamom in milk and mix it with honey and consume it while sleeping at night.
  2. Regular consumption of cardamom can beat dangerous diseases like cancer. In addition, its anti-inflammatory elements help fight oral and skin cancer.
  3. Cardamom contains magnesium and potassium, so the body’s blood circulation always remains normal. As a result, blood pressure also remains under control.
  4. You can always consume cardamom after eating food if you are troubled by stomach problems like gas and acidity.
  5. The effect of cardamom is hot, which proves to be effective in asthma.
  1. The anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant properties present in cardamom relieve the problem of chronic diseases, i.e., allergies and inflammation.
  2. Cardamom will be very beneficial for problems like cold, cough or sore throat. At night, chew cardamom with lukewarm water and eat it.
  3. Cardamom extract prevents anxious behaviors. This is because low blood levels of antioxidants have been linked to the development of anxiety and other mood disorders.

Cardamom Side Effects

Along with the advantages of consuming cardamom, there are also disadvantages. The disadvantages of cardamom among these are as follows:

  1. Although there are no side effects of cardamom, consuming it in large quantities during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage.
  2. Information regarding the consumption of cardamom during breastfeeding is not available. Refrain from consuming it.
  3. If you have gallstones, do not consume them in large quantities. This can increase the pain of the stone.
  4. If taken in excess or for a long time, it can cause allergic reactions.

The information in this article has been given to us by Dr Chanchal Sharma, so follow it only after taking advice.

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