Betel Nut

Betel nut is very popular in India. It is called Kwai in Meghalaya, tamul in Assam and Nagaland, kua in Manipur

Betel nut is very popular in India. It is called Kwai in Meghalaya, tamul in Assam and Nagaland, kua in Manipur and kuhva in Mizoram. There are several other names given to betel nut in different parts of the country. Betel nut comes from a lam tree called Areca catechu. It is frequently consumed after being minced or diced, then wrapped in lime-coated Piper betel vine leaves. It is referred to as a betel quid. You might also add tobacco or tasty spices. It ranks fourth among the most widely used psychoactive chemicals in the world, behind caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine.

Although betel nut doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to health, it does offer some health benefits. Scroll down to learn more.

Health Benefits Of Betel Nuts

Here are all the health benefits of betel nuts you should know about:

Prevents gum infection

Have you been suffering from gum infections? Betel nut has a cooling effect that provides relief from problems like ulcers. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help fasten the healing of ulcers.

Provides relief from toothache

Some studies have shown that betel nut can act as an analgesic, which can help you deal with toothache. If you have been suffering from this problem, then you should try supari as it may provide some relief.

Battles indigestion

Betel nut eliminates indigestion and aids in reviving hunger. It also helps get rid of constipation by promoting better digestion, which enhances general health.

Improves concentration

Has it been difficult for you to concentrate on things right now? If yes, then betel nut may help. Studies have shown that betel nut can improve concentration levels and mental alertness.

Boosts energy

Many people consume betel nut for the energy boost that it provides. This is due to the natural alkaloids in the nut, which release adrenaline and gives you a boost.

Fights diarrhoea

Diarrhoea occurs when the stomach and intestines are unable to properly digest food, resulting in excess water loss. If left untreated, it can lead to dire consequences. The person may feel better by having betel nut as it helps get rid of bloating and other stomach problems.

Good for schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental health problem that affects the way a person thinks and express their emotion. It can lead to hallucinations, delusions ad extreme problems with thinking that can impair daily functioning. In some cases, betel nuts are used for this problem. However, more research is required to support the use of this nut for schizophrenia.

Side Effects Of Betel Nut

Consuming betel nuts regularly can lead to addiction, which can further lead to some major health problems. Some of the common health problems that could occur due to regular consumption of betel nut include:

How To Use Betel Nut?

There are multiple ways to consume betel nut, including:

  • adding betel nut powder in lukewarm water
  • mixing it in tea or milk
  • applying to the skin directly

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