Apple apps can be used on Windows this way

Apple devices conveniently let Apple’s apps and services work, however, there is also a way to do so on your computer that is not running macOS.

People can now get enough Apple information from a Windows desktop or laptop, while using Apple’s apps on Windows is not ideal. It’s significantly easier than it used to be, according to Gizmodo.

Following is a guide on how to make your Windows Apple-like.

First step is to probably go for iCloud for Windows. Interestingly, it’s an official Apple product, and it covers photos, calendars, contacts, Safari bookmarks, passwords saved to iCloud, and files stored in iCloud Drive.

Though it doesn’t install Apple’s apps for this, however, it makes all of these types of data available to programs in Windows.

Once you’ve signed in using your Apple account credentials, users can choose the files and the information they want to sync to Windows, once they have signed in using their Apple account credentials.

One such example includes the facility that will create an iCloud Photos tab in the Microsoft Photos app,

Moreover, the main iCloud for Windows dashboard shows you the syncs users have configured along with how much free space they have got left in their iCloud storage locker. 

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